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AKVNA Veterinary Shadowing Program

AKVNA Veterinary Shadowing Program


AKVNA is conducting a shadowing program for its member veterinarians to aid them in preparing for the CPE exam of ECFVG certification. Trainees will complete this shadowing under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian practicing in North America. This shadowing program will be conducted in a North American Clinic only. AKVNA is not responsible for the visa/immigration requirements during the duration of this program. An active member of AKVNA does not have to pay for this training program. Trainees must cover all other expenses (travel, food, accommodation, etc.). Admission to this shadowing program will be merit-based and will be limited to registered members of AKVNA only.

If you have not registered/renewed your AKVNA membership, please click here

If you are interested, fill out the registration program using the link below (Sign-In required).

AKVNA Veterinary Shadowing Program Registration form

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