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AKVNA Annual Meeting 2018

Minutes of the AKVNA General Body Meeting, 2018


Dr. Sandhya, the President, chaired the meeting.

27 veterinarians registered at the meeting. There were 4 guests, Dr. Vijayan Panampalli, Dr. Somakumar, Dr. Rajagopala Raja, and Dr. Suma KG.

The following items were discussed during the general body.

  • Secretary Dr. Mini Bharathan read the minutes of the previous year’s General Body meeting and presented the 2017 - 2018 working report

  • Treasurer Dr. Justin presented the treasurer’s report.

    • The starting balance was $ 3160/- The rest of the accounts relating to registration and subscription fees are being reconciled. Once completed, it will be communicated

    • We collected $3400.00 for Dr. SreeVidya Fund using the GoFundme and transferred the amount to a SreeVidya Chikilsa Sahaya Fund via the AKVNA BOA account. Dr. Sunil Kumar, in charge of that account, has extended tremendous gratitude to all those who donated.

  • Discussion about increasing the AKVNA membership subscription from $25

    1. General Body unanimously agreed to increase the annual subscription from $25.00 to $50.00

    2. Discussed the Student subscription rate. Dr. Sunil recommended no subscription fee for students, while Dr. Menon, Dr. Chacko, and a few others opposed. After a very healthy and energetic debate, General Body unanimously agreed to retain the Student AKVNA member subscription at $10.00.

  • Adoption of a logo for AKVNA. Dr. Mini presented 4 logo designs. The logo received the maximum votes and was decided that the high-resolution logo will be purchased soon. Dr. Krishna Menon cautioned about the need to look at the legal implications by verifying with the original charter when the association was registered

  • Discussed starting an e-magazine to showcase the activities of AKVNA and encourage the writing skills of members. The General Body welcomed the idea. It was decided that a new editor will be elected for the purpose

  • Dr. Vijayan Panampalli, guest of the day represented the Alumni of College of Veterinary sciences presented and conveyed the request from the COVAS Alumni for contribution by AKVNA members towards the printing cost of a book on the history of the veterinary college from 1955 to 2017. This book is proposed to be released during the Alumni GB on 1/8/18. After debate, the General Body agreed association will not be involved, but members can individually do so. AKVNA will be sending an email to all members with the details.

  • The general body moved on to Election of Office Bearers for the next term of 2018-19. The following nominations were made and accepted.

President- Dr. Simon Anthappan

                        Proposed by - Dr. Thomas Chacko.

                        Seconded by- Dr. Madhu Rajan Mathews

Secretary- Dr Naveen Surendran

                        Proposed by- Dr. Madhu Rajan Mathews

                        Seconded by- Dr. Daniel George.

Treasurer- Dr. Justin Fernandez

                        Proposed by - Dr. Madhu Rajan Mathews

                        Seconded by- Dr. George Varghese.

Lady Vet Rep- Dr. Liz Simon

                        Proposed by - Dr. Padma Kumar Pillai

                        Seconded by- Dr. Lakshmi Kelamangalath

Executive Committee Members: -

                        Dr. Madhu Rajan Mathews – (Member, Canada)

                        Dr. Manumohan Sebastian

                        Dr. Sunil Mangalassery

                        Dr. Lakshmi Kelamangalath

                        Dr. Nishant Sunny

E-Magazine Editor- Dr. Joju George

                        Proposed by- Dr. Gopakumar Moorkanat

                        Seconded by- Dr. Madhu Rajan Mathews

Graduate Student Rep- Dr. Deepa A.K

                        Proposed by- Dr. Padma Kumar Pillai.

                        Seconded by- Dr. Sunil Mangalassery

  • The date and venue for the 2019 AKVNA meet -  General Body decided to let the incoming Office bearers to decide that.

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