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SERIES (2022-23)

AKVNA is pleased to organize webinars for our alumni community and current veterinary students. These webinars are planned to enhance your skills, provide career guidance, either to advance your current career or learn about new job opportunities, and bring other relevant personal/professional topics to enrich our daily lives. 


We will invite experts & key opinion-leaders from various fields to come and share their subject knowledge, life-experiences & provide insights into their career journey.  These webinars will be usually 45 min to 1 hour in length, consisting of presentations and Q&A sessions. We urge you to attend these sessions live. If you are unable to make the live session, we will try to provide web recordings on a later date. Together, we help each other to stay inspired and stay connected!


Food Photography

TOPIC: Opportunities in North America in the field of food science for aspiring Veterinarians, dairy science, biology graduates and post doctoral fellows

DATE:     25 February 2023, TIME:  9.30 am EST


Poulson-photo 7-26-17.jpg
Dr. Sunil.jpg

Dr. Poulson Joseph

Director, Food Protection & Protein Innovation at Kalsec Inc

Dr. Sunil Mangalassary

 Professor of Food Science at California State University, LA

MODERATOR (Q& A session)

(Dr. Vidya Sunil)


Dalmatian Dog

TOPIC: Veterinary medicine careers requiring licensing in North America

DATE:     30 October 2022, TIME:  9.30 am EST (7 pm IST)


Dr. Rajesh Uthamanthil, DVM, PhD, DACLAM

Chief Medical Officer (Preclinical & Translational) at Seattle Children's


Dr. Joseph Cyrus, BVSc & AH, MVSc (Vet Med) Ph.D. DACVIM (SAIM)

Veterinary Internist at VCA Alta Vista Animal Hospital Canada

MODERATOR (Q& A session)

(Dr. Rajani Tyagi)

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