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AKVNA Annual Meeting 2017

The 2017, Bi-Annual meeting of  AKVNA was successfully organized at Holiday Inn Rosslyn, Alexandria, Virginia on June 3rd, 2017. The following are the minutes of the meeting.

The meeting started with the registration of members and family between 5-6 PM. The following members attended, some with families and friends.

1)      Dr. Sosamma Iype and Dr. Abraham Varkey

2)      Dr. Anil Thachil + 2

3)      Dr. Gopakumar Moorkanat & Dr. Mini Bharathan +1

4)      Dr. Reji Paalangara +1

5)      Dr. Baby George

6)      Dr. Rinosh Mani

7)      Dr. Divya Nambiar & Binu Velayudhan + 2

8)      Dr. Mohan George +1

9)      Dr. Justin Fernandez +2

10)  Dr. George Vergheese +1

11)  Dr. Shanavas Moideen +1

12)  Dr. Simon Anthappan +2

13)  Dr. Mathew Abraham

14)  Dr. Mathew Varughese

15)  Dr. Roy Jacob

16)  Dr. Pradeep Vasudevan & Dr. Bisi Velayudhan +1

17)  Dr. Joseph Cyrus

18)  Dr. Sunil Mangalassery +1

19)  Dr. Sandhya Sukumaran +3

20)  Dr. Daniel George +1

21)  Dr. Saju Karuvayil & Dr. Mini Manuel +2

22)  Dr. Gopakumar G +1

23)  Dr. Joseph Luka +2

24)  Dr. Nishant Sunny

25)  Dr. Arun Raj

26)  Dr. Berin P Varghese

27)  Dr. Manomohan Sebastian

28)  Dr. Sambhu Pillai

29)  Dr. Padmakumar Pillai +3

5.00 to 6.00 PM: Registration and Social Hour. Snack food was available.

6.00 PM: Meeting started

Welcome address by Dr. Justin Fernandez (Treasurer 2015-17). He also introduced our chief guests for the evening Dr. Sosamma Iype and Dr. Abraham Varkey.

Presidential address by Dr. Pradeep Vasudevan (President 2015-17). He spoke about how AKVNA was conceived in 2000 and how Facebook was used as an effective medium to introduce the association to more members residing in the US and Canada. This was followed by inviting the chief guests to inaugurate the meeting by lighting the lamp and speaking to the audience.

Dr. Abraham Varkey talked about his experiences as a student at the College and how the college evolved as a University and also how Mannuthy also developed over the years. Dr. Sosamma Iype gave a technical talk on conservation of indigenous species specifically Vechur cattle and also about different projects conducted at KVASU over the years. We were honored to have the presence of two eminent teachers at our meeting.

Felicitation speeches by Dr. George Verghese and Dr. Mathew Varughese

The introduction of members was done where every member introduced themselves and their family (if present) so that everyone got to know each other.

7.00 PM: Cultural activities started with performances by members and their families. Dr. Sandhya Sukumaran, Dr. Daniel George, and Dr. Gopakumar G were the members who performed while family members included Gowthami, Aditi, Pranav, Geethika, Anlin, Manish, and Lalu. The performances were enjoyed by everyone and brought to the limelight the talent in some of the younger family members.

8.30 PM: Election of new Office Bearers. The following members were elected who will serve until the next AKVNA meeting.     

President- Dr. Sandhya Sukumaran.
Nominated by Dr. Mini Bharathan; Seconded by Dr. Daniel George.


Secretary - Dr.Mini Bharathan.
Nominated by Dr.Bisi Velayudhan; Seconded by Dr. George Verghese.

Treasurer - Dr. Justin Fernandez
Nominated by Dr. George Verghese; Seconded by Dr. Baby George.


Committee Members -

1. Dr. Madhu Mathews, Canada
2. Dr. Daniel George, GA
3. Dr. Rinosh Mani, MI
4. Dr. Arun Raj, MD

Ex Officio Members -

1. Dr. Pradeep Vasudevan.
2. Dr. Mathew Abraham.

8.45 PM: Dr. Justin introduced a discussion regarding the increase in membership fees for members and also the possibility of a Life membership. The decision to implement the changes was left with the new committee.

9.00 PM: Vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Mathew Abraham (Secretary 2015-17), followed by group photographs- (uploaded to the AKVNA Facebook Page – Thanks to Dr. Mini Bharathan, Dr. Anil Thachil, and Dr. Sunil Mangalassery.)


9.10 PM – Very scrumptious Dinner catered by Hotel Turmeric

A big THANK YOU from AKVNA to Sponsors for this year's meeting

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