AKVNA-IVA Kerala Webinar - "COVID and its Aftermath"

AKVNA in association with Indian Veterinary Association (IVA), Kerala is organizing an International Webinar on 'COVID and Its Aftermath' on November 28 (Saturday) and November 29 (Sunday) starting at 8.30 AM US EST. There will be four, 45 minutes invited lectures by AKVNA members who are experts in their respective topics divided into two days.


Topics and Speakers:

  1. Challenges in controlling Leptospirosis, a One Health Paradigm - Dr. Sreekumari Rajeev, Professor, Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences, University of Tennessee

  2. COVID-19, the Newly Emerged Pandemic - Evolving Zoonotic Evidences - Dr. Sandhya Sukumaran, Senior Technical Advisor (One Health Surveillance), Palladium

  3. One Health: Concept to practice towards mitigating existing and emerging public health threats - Dr. Vidya Sunil,  Infectious Diseases Epidemiologist, Ministry of Health Ontario, Canada

  4. The fight against Corona continues: Feline FIP - Is there hope? - Dr. Joseph Cyrus, Alta Vista Animal Hospital, Ottawa, Canada.


Registration is free. Please register for the webinar by filling the google form at the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeZp1aK8RKdNd-1BvF8T8LXGQ9vxN9txuFrsfdM9fI5Nu_6Cw/viewform


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