Global Vet Times 2021

Articles for Global Vet Times 3rd edition

We are moving towards the end of this tough year and with the announcement of vaccines are very hopeful of the coming year. Would you like to share your hope in the form of creative and scientific writing, drawings, memes, book reviews, cartoons?  Each magazine is a snapshot of the times we live in. Please contribute and make your stamp of hope in our third annual magazine during these trying times. Our theme of winter writing will be hope. Please send your articles to


We are also happy to announce that we have set up a committee to work towards publishing the third annual magazine. Committee members are Dr. Sunil Mangalassery,  Dr. Joju George, Dr. Naveen Surendran, Dr. Roy Jacob, Dr. Elza Neelima Mathew, Dr. Mathew Abraham, Dr. Manoj Thomas and Dr. Poonam Gopika. 

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