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AKVNA History

Association of Kerala Veterinarians in North America (AKVNA) was born in July 2000 in Detroit, Michigan out of the thoughtfulness and dedication of eminent veterinarians of our alma mater Drs. Krishna Menon, Sreekumar Pillai, Mathew Varughese, Joseph Luka, George Daniel, and Thomas Devasia. The organization was conceived as a platform to bring together all veterinarians who graduated from the Indian veterinary curriculum and work/live in North America. The organization remained as an important communication platform among veterinarians throughout the years and acted as an essential channel of the network for members, contributed to the cause of Kerala veterinarians, and supported veterinary education at our alma mater. The organization was registered in 2002 in Michigan.

AKVNA Past Presidents:

2002-2003:    Dr. Mathew Varughese

2004-2006:    Dr. Sreekumar G Pillai

2007:              Dr. George Varghese
2008:              Dr. Manumohan Sebastian

2009:              Dr. Rajeev Nair

2010-2011:    Dr. Bindu Mohan

2013-2015:    Dr. Daniel George

2015-2017:    Dr. Pradeep Vasudevan

2017-2018:    Dr. Sandhya Sukumaran

2018-2019:    Dr. Simon Anthappan

2019-2021:    Dr. Justin Fernandez

2021-2022:    Dr. Sunil Mangalassary

2022-2023:    Dr. Mini Bharathan

2023-2024:    Dr. Rinosh Mani

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